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The Specialty Coffee Company

Are you a cafe, restaurant, a bar or a business owner looking for great coffee at competitive prices?

The Speciality Coffee Company wholesale program is all about freshly roasted specialty grade coffee. We proudly supply a wide variety of businesses, including coffee shops,restaurants, hotels, golf courses and anywhere that wants to enjoy great coffee!

We can distribute nationwide with overnight delivery for those times when needs must. We keep our offering simple. We supply coffee and nothing else, so you get the freshest roasted coffee that remains consistent all year round.

Discover unique, specialty coffee straight away. Convenient, fast and fresh.

Want to chat about our services and how we can help you? Would you like to discuss a personalised program? Do you want to put your own branding on the packaging? Get in touch for a prompt response!

Why work with The Specialty Coffee Company

The Speciality Coffee Company delivers coffee and nothing else. No coffee machines and no supplementary products or services. Nothing to distract us from the task of creating amazing roasts for you to enjoy. We devote our attention purely to the coffee, sourcing the best beans and providing the best wholesale coffee service possible.

White label coffee service

White labelling is common practice in other industries but few coffee suppliers offer the service. Fewer still offer white labelled speciality coffee. If you run a café, coffee shop or bistro and want to sell top-quality coffee as if it was your own, we can help!

White labelling is your opportunity to use our efforts for your own benefit. We put all of our coffee expertise into our products and put your name on the package. You benefit from some of the finest coffee available, carefully selected and packaged by us but carrying your brand.

Price match guarantee

The wholesale coffee market is very competitive. Not only does The Speciality Coffee Company compete on the quality of our coffee, we also compete on price. As we sell coffee and nothing but coffee, we have designed our entire company around it.

We will match the price of your current supplier or beat it for the same quality coffee. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Free samples

Coffee is a personal thing. Some people like it dark and moody while others prefer theirs lighter and fuller-bodied. That’s why we offer free samples to wholesale customers. It’s your opportunity to try before you buy and decide which of our exceptional range of wholesale coffees you want to order. It’s all part of the service!

Overnight delivery

Need wholesale coffee fast? We deliver. Order from The Speciality Coffee Company and you could have your coffee the very next day with our overnight delivery service. As coffee lovers ourselves, we know that sinking feeling you get when you open the cupboard only to find the coffee is all gone. That’s why we offer overnight delivery.

Speciality coffees

We are experts in speciality coffee. The clue is in our name. Speciality coffee refers to coffee in its prime. Coffee scored above 80 out of 100 in terms of quality and flavour and a coffee that stands out from the crowd. We only sell speciality coffee so if you’re after something special, we deliver!

Tailor-made wholesale coffee packages

The Speciality Coffee Company offers customised wholesale coffee beans that can be tailored to your exact needs. We don’t require you buy an arbitrary number of packages per order. We work with you to deliver the amount of coffee you need at a price that’s right.

Our coffee selection

Here at The Speciality Coffee Company, we pride ourselves on delivering some of the finest wholesale coffee in the UK. The following are a sample of our most popular blends:

Lola’s specialty dark roast

Lola’s specialty dark roast is a complex blend of Ethiopian Sidamo, Sumatran Gayo and Guatemalan Antigua coffee beans. It delivers a sophisticated flavour with hints of cocoa, rich dark sugar and stone fruit. It works exceptionally well in espresso and filters.

Signature Blend Filter Coffee

Our Signature Blend Filter Coffee is a different blend of Ethiopian Sidamo, Sumatran Gayo and Guatemalan Antigua coffee beans. This time we have formulated a coffee that gives a hint of fruit, chocolate and caramel that works exceptionally well as filter coffee or in cafetieres.

House Blend Decaf

The House Blend Decaf proves beyond any doubt that you can have the full coffee experience without the caffeine. This is an exceptional coffee that can be enjoyed at any time of day and works well in espressos or as filter coffee.

Lola’s House Blend

Lola’s House Blend is our version of the house red. Rich, dark and thoroughly enjoyable. It is made up of 80% arabica beans from Brazil and Central America and 20% of a beautiful Indian robusta coffee bean. It has a medium flavour with layers of caramel, hazelnut and cocoa. The Lola’s House Blend works exceptionally well in any situation.

Our minimum order is ONE case of 12 x 250kg bags of coffee, and we delivery fast and fresh anywhere in the UK.



If you’re ready to start, congratulations! Welcome to a whole new world of great coffee and unrivalled convenience.

Simply get in touch to let us know your preferences and then let us do the rest.