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It’s difficult to figure out what to write in your first blog post. There’s so many others out there, you feel anything you do write is going to be lost to the bowels of the internet with 2 views from you and your Mum. Looking around at a few other sites and their first posts, there doesn’t really seem to be any structure for all this. It’s just a bit of a free for all.

So here is what we propose:

We’re at the start of a bit of a coffee revolution at the moment and staying up to date is hard, there’s so much going on that if you’re not constantly refreshing #coffee on Twitter you’re going to miss things you care about. And as you probably have much better things to do than sit on /r/coffee all day, we want to show you the highlights so you don’t have to all that sifting.

Instead of us posting our brew guides or a what is coffee post on here, we want this blog to be a place where you stay updated with what is going on right now. Whether that be fancy new brewing methods, festivals, cool new videos, or reassuring scientific research. We want you to come here, update yourself, and then be able to mention something cool to the barista you’ve been stalking.

What this blog may turn into however, is somewhere where we post our favourite gif from twitter that day.

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