Lola’s Coffee Bags


Lola’s coffee bags are sold in packs, boxes or cases for bulk orders. Cases are ideal for hotels, restaurants, workplaces and anywhere that wants fresh coffee with the minimum of fuss and effort.

Each case contains 100 x 7.5g individually packed coffee bags.

1 case – £33.00 (33p per cup)

2 – 5 cases – £30.00 (30p per cup)

6 – 9 cases –  – £27.00 – (27p per cup)

10 + cases – £25.00 (25p per cup)


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Product Description

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Coffee bags are such a genius invention that it is truly staggering that it took so long for them to hit the mainstream. They deliver the convenience of tea bags with the delicious taste of fresh coffee. What’s not to love?

Add boiling water to your favourite coffee cup, add the coffee bag and wait a couple of minutes. Add sugar, milk or cream if you like and enjoy. How easy is that?

Lola’s coffee bags are the perfect combination of coffee blends carefully combined to create a delicious cup of coffee. With the convenience of a bag. Who says convenient coffee can’t be great coffee?

Coffee bags, ideal in any situation

The rich dark blend in Lola’s coffee bags exhibit notes of smoke and black pepper and a high caffeine content to deliver that boost you need in the morning.

Each coffee bag is individually wrapped to ensure freshness as well as convenience. Every single Lola’s coffee bag makes a great cup of coffee every time.

Blend: Sumatra Gayo, Brazilian Arabica, and Indian Robusta

Flavour: Smoky, black pepper

Why coffee bags are a great idea

We have used tea bags for years and consume millions of them per day. Coffee bags provide all the same advantages but for coffee lovers. No more waiting for a filter or messing around with a cafetiere. Just unwrap a coffee bag, put it in a cup, add boiling water, let it brew and you’re good to go!

There is a real advantage in single-use coffee for hotels, restaurants and workplaces. Coffee bags are easy to use, easy to manage, require less work than filters and still deliver delicious coffee on demand.

Additional Information

Pack, Box or Case

Pack (6 bags), Box (30 bags), Case (100 bags), 2 Cases, 3 Cases, 4 Cases, 5 Cases, 6 Cases, 7 Cases, 8 Cases, 9 Cases, 10 Cases, 11 Cases, 12 Cases


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