Our Philosophy

We work hard to make the journey from farm to cup as direct, ethical and sustainable as we can.

We believe in transparency; the way a supply chain and a business should be managed.

Our mission is to trade fairly and directly with small scale producers in developing countries, offering our customers ethical choices.

It starts with finding the best – and an ongoing commitment to search for flavour, quality, and individuality, in every coffee bean we buy.

We work with amazing people at origin, and strive to enrich the lives of those people through our sustainable and ethical buying practice.

We cultivate relationships in growing regions with the same love and passion that the farmers and their families put into producing our coffee – and we endeavour to bring those stories to life with every bean we roast.


Once we buy the best, we aim bring out the best flavours and characteristics each coffee bean has to offer.

We roast in small batches. We roast to order. And all of our coffees are repeatedly cupped to ensure each and every bag meets our exacting standards.

You can taste the difference perfection makes.


The final stage, and the culmination of a journey from farm to cup.

Whether enjoyed from a highly trained barista, or from one our unique home brewing solutions, our goal is to bring the coffee to life in your cup.

We hope you enjoy