Microlot Coffee

These coffees are special. Specifically chosen for their high quality and intense flavours and tastes… and when they are gone …. They are gone.

A microlot is a specific harvest of coffee, usually 5-80 bags in total, that contains exceptionally cared for beans, with elevated levels of traceability back to the farms they came from.

Each micro lot that we select to offer, not only offers extraordinary flavours and tastes for you to experience and enjoy, but also compelling details and stories of the people that have worked so diligently to produce them.

We are continually hunting out the best available microlots, and will offer them when available with great enthusiasm to both our wholesale and online customers.

But you will need to be quick – there will only be a small and limited offering each time, and when the are gone?…. They are gone.

Try some now, you will quickly understand and share in our excitement, passion, and awe of these great coffees.

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